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Sunday, April 16, 2006

one candle one wish

Hush little birdy
don't you cry,
feel the embrace
of the clear blue sky.

Lightning strikes
without a word,
you swirl down,
take a dip in the ford.

One flight down
with a broken wing,
you've made your way
to the lap of spring.

Washed by the stream
that guides you to the reef,
on a bed of flowers,
you lay tucked under a leaf.

The soothing wind,
the balmy breeze,
showering more flowers
from surrounding trees.

Go get your dream,
don't give up on life,
drink the nectar,
the elixir of life.

You need to fly,
you need to see,
you need to know
what it is to be free.

Shoot for the moon,
or your guiding star,
it's time to start,
you've got to go far.

To see you fly,
scaling great heights,
beaming with pride,
i'd be soaking in the sights.

So, spread your wings
and fly away,
I still believe,
you've got the zing.

But if you should fall
on a given bad day,
I'm here to guide you
like that little stream...

Dedicated to someone i so dearly adore. My little birdy, Happy Birthday.

PS: How do u like the new look ?


cyser said...

The stanza that catches my eye is #5:
The soothing wind,
the balmy breeze,
showering more flowers
from surrounding trees.
As I read it, the wind feels cool, mild, and pleasant... important since much of this poem focuses on air and, in general, wind is often a metaphor for change. Also, this is the stanza bridging the subject's past and future. As such, it creates a powerful staging point as well as a crossroads. Will birdy leave the protection of the leaf and discover new adventures? I guess we'll find out in the sequal.

btw, in this stanza I think I'd prefer the word "blossoms" or "petals" instead of "flowers", but that's just me.


cyser said...

ps. I like the new look. Gettin' mooned in multiple ways. :-)

pranky said...

U make me cry, so do others, but only these tears are of happiness.

U will always be my "Dost #1".

Hugs, Kisses and Cake

Neha said...

very nice dedication :)
new look's cool!supercool ;)

Ebert and Roeper said...

I love your new look...3 thumbs up

second_wind said...

Nice poem...

Seashells said...

@ cyser
Seems like you put more thought into it than i do :). Thanks, i appreciate it. Now that you say it, "blossoms" and "petals" are more vividly descriptive, i agree. But, since this is a dedication, i'd like to keep it as it is. More on birdy's adventures as and when they happen.

I hope you enjoyed gettin' mooned :).

@ pranky
Hush little birdy don't u cry :)

@ neha
Thanks. Glad you like the template. Tough job picking the moon shots i wanted to use. I had so many finalists :).

@ ebert and roeper
One of you two gave me just one thumb up :). Thanks.

@ second wind
Blame it on birdy. She's the inspiration :).

cyser said...

Dedications should stay as dedications are...


anu said...

love the new look... ita aaawsome :)

Isis Panthea said...

Hush little birdy.., dont you cry... :)

And happy yappy birthday to Pranky.
Nice new look bud. Although I would have liked something brighter...again...thats just me...But keep that in mind the next time u are changing...when ever it is...:)

Seashells said...

@ cyser
Glad you agree :)

@ anu
Thanks sweetie, i knew you'd like it...

@ isis panthea
hmm... unfortunately, daylight mooning is not a regular phenomenon...

Isis Panthea said...

Damn! If only I controlled them!
I am getting to like it better now...But still if only it were a little bright :P

Fosix said...

NICE... now this is a poem i can understand... i like it...

happy b'lated birthday to 'birdy'...

NICE new look too... and i'm #3 in your blog-trot list... wuhooo... yippee... :D

btw, whats with the three stars next to sines's and the two anu's blog links ??

Seashells said...

@ isis panthea
If you stick around, i'll ask for your recommendations the next time around... :)

@ fosix
Long time no see. Finally find something to your liking eh :)...

The list has been arranged to sort of form this shape: "<"... so you've been lucky by chance and landed up being top 3 :)...

The three stars are to indicate that those blogs have been recently updated.

Z said...

From the sea to the moon. Template is very creative.I won't say that it's a nice poem. You know why.

Fosix said...

>> lucky by chance and landed up being top 3

you know in cricket, it does not matter how many catches were dropped... it does not matter how many stumping chances were missed... it does not matter how bad the bowling was.... ultimately, what goes into the record books is how much the batsman scored.... get the drift? :D :)

sinusoidally said...

I like the new look. Do you take orders for custom-made blog templates? :-)

anu said...

hey that apna hyd link happens to be one of my seniors in office... just the other day Kochi sir told me abt the blog :) (he is the part of the art n edit team on my floor)

N his colleague writes another blog - smiling schizophrenic (me got the spellin wrong for sure)

Seashells said...

@ venus
Sweet, it is. ain't it ? :)

@ fosix
All that matters is who wins. I win. :P

@ sinusoidally
I don't know much about template design. I read a few templates, picked a few features i liked, plugged in some of my own pics and there you see what i have :)

@ anu
Oh wow... it's a convenient way for me to get some Hyderabadi updates :).. Also, you got schizophrenic right.

Crouching Tigress said...

Interesting new look

Swathi said...

sorry dude, i forgot that u r in the US of A and farther away from apna Bharat than me :)

Seashells said...

@ searchinformrmojorising
like it ?

@ swathi
I miss apna Hyderabad.