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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Weirdo !!! Me ??? Really ???

The princess is looking for a few chuckles, i suppose. I shall not challenge her autocracy and for the lack of other choice, i choose to be complaisant. According to her wish or as are the rules of the tag, I will list 5 POSSIBLE instances of quirky behavior / weirdness intrinsic to being me. Fortunately for me though, i am plentifully equipped with irregular brain cells and a copious abundance of bizarreness flows in my arteries and veins. So, here we go...

1, The digital volumo-meter on any audio-visual device at my place has to read one of the following levels. {2, 8, 16, 22, 28}. 13 might sometimes be an allowed level. If the sound is too hard on my ears or hard to hear, i'll bring in an amplifier with analog tuning capabilities, but the numbers have to stick.

2, I have a constant feeling of deja vu. I feel like i have dreamt a lot of things happening to me. It's like i'm living a dream. The bad kind.

3, My mom says that as a li'l kid, tearing a newspaper was my favorite activity. These days, tearing
my own junk mail is. It's an art. To have perfectly alligned edges overlap is sooo satisfying... However, my favorite part is the music. Yes, the sound of tearing paper is music to my ears.

4, I have a constant itch. An itch to re-arrange the planets in the solar system in the order of growing radii. Besides, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neputne have no business having 63, 47, 27 and 13 moons respectively.

5. So, i'm not as obsessive about dental hygiene as some of my other buds are, but i do like having white teeth... I brush my teeth in 8 different angles and clock or count-down the time i spend at each.

Guess that does it... LOL, it hardly took any time... Pardon my pseudo-existence and before i drift back into oblivion, here'z the guys i pass the baton to...

Second Wind
Isis Panthea
Anu Russell



Fosix said...

hmmmm, where have i read this before ;) :P

Seashells said...

@ fosix
eh ?

Isis Panthea said...

Ha ha!

second_wind said...

u did a good job amusing us :)

M (tread softly upon) said...

well honestly I think you are quite normal. And the idiosyncrasies are quite cute. They add spice to life.

Anu Russell said...

at least i do not try to do things I cannot get moving the planets? Ya what kind of weirdo are you now?!!! Grrrrrrr...

Swathi said...

now this is what i would call really weird stuff :) n wat was that 'bout newspapers? (saving a trip to the raddiwala i guess **grin**)

Seashells said...

@ isis panthea
he he!

@ second wind
It's your turn now. Can't wait to read... :)

@ m(tsu)
The others tend to disagree :P I knew i was cute... I knew someday, someone would come through... hehehe...

@ anu russell
YOU weirdo :P

@ swathi
hehehe... Thanks... and i loved my trips to raddiwalas. Happened to be my quarterly bonus in childhood allowances :D

M (tread softly upon) said...

well may be because I'm just as "weird" I find you quite normal. And oh yes, cute :)

Isis Panthea said...

Mission (Tag) compleated!

Seashells said...

@ m(tsu)
Thank you.. hehehe... :)

@ isis panthea
I could've written that for you. It's all that we discussed over lunch. CHEAT.

lemontree said...

amused. and no 4 really sticks . in amusing me again and again. glad to be back

Neha said...

i had to do the same tag and cudnt come uo with much :D

btw point 2 :O:O:O
i have the same feeling.. sooo many times!!exact.. identical!

Seashells said...

@ lemontree
Welcome back !!! # 4 is amusing but true :)

@ Neha
I suppose you just didn't think hard enough :P ... Glad we have something in common though :)

Isis Panthea said...

Exactly! so nothing else much wierd about me then! And you should be glad :p

M (tread softly upon) said...

are you ever going to post? or are we waiting for some phase of the moon here?

Truth Fairy said...

Lol! You really are a weirdo pal! Point 2 - Ditto! Point 1 - Whoa! I've never heard of this obsession before. What's with guys and their music systems? :P

Fosix said...

Fosix should be back from his sabbatical soon and will take up your tag on priority... :D

Seashells said...

@ m(tsu)
you got that one right... :) 'tis a phasing out process, each phase independent of the other...

@ truth fairy
Hey pal, will take that as a compliment... i've some music playing right now... volume = 28. :D

@ fosix
Why am i so confident that i won't feel let down ??? :P